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the right time, the right reason

The right time,

the right reason

We have all heard that Artificial Intelligence will transform our lives.
We have all heard that AI will turn this world into a better place.
But has this REVOLUTION yet started?
Sure, spam is filtered out pretty well from our emails.
True, social networks suggests us friends long before we type their names.
Right, ads promote products that fit our tastes.

But is this really what Artificial Intelligence had promised us?

I doubt it.

I wish Artificial Intelligence to be taken away from
the ivory towers of industries and universities.
I want it to get in our homes, inspire our kids
and improve our elders’ lives.
I want it to transform our towns, to turn their streets into gardens,
their waste into resources.
I want it to reconstruct the healthcare pipeline,
to make it efficient and human oriented.
And whether its application will reduce waste, or save energy or lives,
this is THE REVOLUTION I want.

In the last five years, I worked in AI labs in Europe, Asia and America.
I focused my attention on the linguistic branch of AI,
often referred to as Natural Language Processing.
During those years, I have discussed AI topics with scientists from all over the world
and with expertise in multiple disciplines, including psychology,
neurology, linguistics, mathematics and engineering.

I mean to leave in this website a bit of the knowledge that i have acquired.
I mean to show in these pages some details of the AI backstage:
engineers writing equations on whiteboards,
projects that may either lead to ground-breaking progress or drammatically fail,
papers that may either change our understanding or be rejected and forgotten.

Because the future is being written NOW,
and nobody knows the direction it will take.
As the AI REVOLUTION is about to come.