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A teaser of the “AI at the crossroads of NLP and Neuroscience” workshop


AI+NLP+NS is a one-day workshop to be held in Macao (August 10-12, 2019), in conjunction with the 28th International Joint Conference of Artificial Intelligence (

Artificial and Human Intelligence

Artificial and Human Intelligence

With the impelling need of increasing the quantity and quality of production, humans have always developed machines and tools, often inspired by nature. But nature does not offer direct answers. A process of abstraction and interpretation is required to turn natural models into sophisticated working solutions. Ornithopters are an obvious example of failure due to the strict imitation of nature (i.e. flapping wings). It is only hybriding natural elements (e.g. wings) with engineering techniques (e.g. propulsion) that humans could get off the ground.

Similarly, the ability to abstract away from nature and to recast the problems in engineering terms is key in AI. It can be found in neural networks, which are a loose yet effective imitation of the neural system. And within neural networks, architectures such as Convolutional Neural Networks (inspired to the visual cortex) and Transformers (inspired to cognitive attention models) constitute today state-of-the-art techniques.

The success of AI mostly comes from its ability of leveraging discoveries made in other disciplines, such as Linguistics, Psychology, Mathematics and Neuroscience. In our workshop, we aim at stimulating cross-fertilization between researchers working in the universe of AI, with the intent of identifying knowledge that may inspire new solutions to reduce the gap between Artificial and Natural intelligence.

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